There is Healing all around us, sometimes we are literally walking over medicine and only seeing weeds. We rely so heavily on traditional medicine we forget that there was a time when we had to listen to the whispers of the body and the spirit and find our cures in the natural world. We have forgotten how to hear, we scream so loudly for ease that we’ve all gone deaf. We expect our health providers to tell us what to do and where to go. But because we can’t hear we aren’t able to use the information effectively and end up making poor decisions. We listen to the talk show hosts that say “take this and take that” to feel better and never ask ourselves, Am I getting better?

I find myself listening to all the contradictory advice and warnings  from the experts and it took me a minute to realize that not one of these experts is an expert on my body, my mind, my spirit. Traditional medicine has taken a one size fits all approach to my health and healing and I am only now realizing at this late date that while I sometimes felt better , I never really got any better.  I had to get really, really sick before I realized that I had been deaf. I went deaf a long time ago when I tried a fix that worked for a friend, but didn’t work for me.  Instead of trying something else I believed I was broken and irreparable. So while I continued to listen to the do this and that,it all sounded like noise. I let traditional medicine direct my choices and therefore poorly  managed my healing and dis-ease.

Healing ourselves in Body, Mind and Spirit means we must tune in to all our senses. I believe intuition is the sixth sense that guides us when our tangible 5 senses have gathered all the relevant and pertinent information from our environment. Think of our five senses as gatherers, depending on your circumstances and where you find yourself, they can be collecting garbage or picking flowers. We use our sense of Sight, Touch, Taste, Smell and Sound to try and make sense of where we find ourselves. Our immediate environment is where we gather this information.We use our senses as tools, and like any good tool it is only useful if it is in good shape because it’s been properly cleaned, oiled and stored.  It is only helpful if  it is capable of doing the task we set it to perform.  Once our tools have performed the work we required and collected the information we then use our intellect to assemble the collective into something we can use. Intuition,our sixth sense, is like that; it allows us to make something useful out of all that has been gathered by our other 5 senses.

Our tools,senses, experience whatever the whatever is where ever we are. There is only what there is. Where we have control is what we define as our environment. There will be times when we convince ourselves that we are victims of circumstance and end up in a place where the only thing available to gather is trash, but we use our 6th sense to intuit that it is trash and discard it appropriately. Trust yourself.

We may just as often find our tools have gathered lilies and we use our 6th sense to turn them into a glorious bouquet. We can choose to gather trash or lilies because we have put our selves, not found ourselves, in the dump or a Lilly field. When our decisions lead us into the foulest of the foul or the best of the best our tools gather what’s in our midst and our intuition provides perception. If we look and see something ugly we must realize that it is only what it is and ugly is a just label. Our tools are perfectly designed to work, they do not need to be changed just let them work as intended. See and only see, touch and only touch, smell and only smell,taste and only taste, hear and only hear.Do not allow your 6th sense to decide what you’ve seen, smelled, tasted felt or heard.

In making decisions about our physical, mental or emotional health let us just gather information without judgement or labels.  It  is in this state of mind that we can start to regain our hearing. The only safe place to make decisions regarding the state of our healing or dis-ease is from a place free of judgement.

 Seek out information not direction.       Trust Yourself.       Choose Well.       Then Proceed.

Passing Through?….. Here’s What You Do.

1.Seek information, not direction. 2. Trust Your Instincts. 3.Choose Well. 4.Then Proceed.